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Plutchak’s great age of librarians

There are lots of reasons to read this terrific lecture given by T. Scott Plutchak and republished in JMLA  (DOI: Here’s 3, with the most important reason last: A useful comparison of the emerging digital age to the beginning … Continue reading

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Your comments here?

People who want to learn a tool can just go to* (*and increasingly will.) People who want information can just use Google. So what is the reason anyone would come to the library to learn a tool?  Why would … Continue reading

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Karrie with one of my new heroes.   Michael Wesch, Associate Professor of cultural anthropology at Kansas State University. –ancil

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Beam me up to the EDUCAUSE mother ship!

I have absorbed what knowledge I can from this experience at ELI 2012, at a location on your planet known as Austin, Texas. The creatures of Austin wear Tshirts and drink from vessels bearing the incantation “Keep Austin weird,” and … Continue reading

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Collaboration Tools

Everyone’s clamoring for collaboration tools – it’s a wild, wild west with collaboration happening across boundaries, across institutions. Tools and boundary-crossing will only increase.  So, the moderator posed 2 questions: How can IT support all the diversity teachers want and … Continue reading

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Blogging – it’s intense!

This photo shows what is standing between me and my TexMex dinner!  (Ancil in “deep blogging mode” !)

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Social Media E-Portfolios (Social Media)

Matthias Oppermann, Senior Research Associate at Georgetown University with  Anne Kruse, Program Coordinator, Justin Secor, Communication Design Specialist and Marie Selvanadin, Web Application  Developer  all from Georgetown University’s  Center for New Design for Learning and Scholarship (CANDLS) The main focus … Continue reading

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