Social Media E-Portfolios (Social Media)

Matthias Oppermann, Senior Research Associate at Georgetown University with  Anne Kruse, Program Coordinator, Justin Secor, Communication Design Specialist and Marie Selvanadin, Web Application  Developer  all from Georgetown University’s  Center for New Design for Learning and Scholarship (CANDLS)

The main focus of the presentation was the development of Pegasus, a new app for building academic, personal, and professional ePortfolios that integrate across various dimensions of social and personal reflection.    The problem they were addressing was integrating uses of portfolios for course based reflection, career purposes, and cumulative learning across all courses from all their years in college.

By using social media in their portfolios, students have one stop shopping for creating personal learning environments.   And, social media keeps the portfolio from becoming static.

It was eye opening  to see the types of software being developed.   What was clear to me was that while they spoke of the product from a student centered  angle, it looked like it would be valuable because  faculty and staff could use it for their own work.     Questions still remain with e-portfolios as to how long after graduation access will be granted to students  and you have to use the university’s authentication system.

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