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Digital Literacy Journey

One area of life competency that interests me is how to function effectively in a world where information and communication technologies (ICT) are rapidly changing, converging, diverging, and everything seems to be in perpetual beta. Some people seem to thrive … Continue reading

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Empathy and Teaching

This post is in response to Michael Wesch’s posting about empathy and teaching, in his blog post titled Why Good Classes Fail. More empathy in teaching and learning, yes!  Empathy has always been on my radar, perhaps because I’m a … Continue reading

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Receivership, or Irrelevance, or Radicalization – J. Neal

From the 2012 NFAIS conference in Philadelphia. This session’s description: What do librarians consider to be the “new normal?” What technologies have had the most impact on their organization and how have they responded? What new staff skills are required, … Continue reading

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Plutchak’s great age of librarians

There are lots of reasons to read this terrific lecture given by T. Scott Plutchak and republished in JMLA  (DOI:  http://dx.doi.org/10.3163/1536-5050.100.1.004). Here’s 3, with the most important reason last: A useful comparison of the emerging digital age to the beginning … Continue reading

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Your comments here?

People who want to learn a tool can just go to lynda.com.* (*and increasingly will.) People who want information can just use Google. So what is the reason anyone would come to the library to learn a tool?  Why would … Continue reading

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